Here are the specs for the power adapter for the receiver, depending on which receiver you have received from us.


 If you have received a unit with front LEDs (see below), the power adapter should be 5V & 2A. 


The recommended way to power the receiver is via the DC (Direct Current) barrel jack input.

The Adaptor must be DC (Direct Current) not AC (Alternating Current)

  1. The barrel plug must be centre positive (The middle pin of the plug has to be positive)
  2. The barrel plug must have an inside diameter (ID) of 2.1mm.
  3. The barrel plug must have an outside diameter (OD) of 5.5mm or less.
  4. The operating voltage must be 5V.

This is a common-size barrel, and you’ll find 5.5mm/2.1mm adapters very easily.

If you have received a unit with a front screen (see below), the adapter required for it should be at least 5.1V & 2.5A. If the amps are 3A, that is even better.

Note that some of these units come with Micro USB and some with USB-C. Make sure you get the correct type if purchasing a power adapter yourself.