Yes, playback is available for individual flights in our mobile apps and also on our website. To see individual flight histories, select or search for a flight or aircraft and choose the particular flight that interests you.


How far back in time you may go depends on your subscription level. All users have free access to 7 days of flight history, Silver subscribers may access 90 days, Gold subscribers 365 days, and Business subscribers up to 730 days.


On our website, we also offer the possibility of using the Global playback feature, which allows you to choose a particular area on the map, date, and time to view tracked aircraft. We are unable to assist in searches for historical flights.


If you should have problems accessing the length of flight history provided by your subscription, please make sure to log out of the account and log in again. Also, try to clear your cache as an additional step. If you should still have any issues, please contact us at support.