The STATUS pane only looks at data received within the last few mins.

If the rest of your stats page shows Aircraft Seen and range etc (see example below) then it simply means that your receiver has not uploaded any new data within the last few mins. This could mean there is no traffic around or your antenna is either placed indoors or is blocked by obstacles from certain sides.

BUT if you see something like the image below in your stats then it means there is a problem as no data is being uploaded by your receiver at all.

You would need to check a few things to figure this out. 

  • For external antenna - Make an inspection of the antenna and coax cable to make sure they are not damaged. There could be moisture inside the connector to the antenna so make sure to check that as well.
  • Always try to redo the connections to make sure they are dry, rust-free, and tight. Do this both for the connection to the antenna as well as the receiver. 
  • If you have an FR24 receiver and made all the above checks. If you don't find anything wrong and have redone all the connections, it could be a problem with the receiver itself. In this case, contact us so that we can confirm and replace the unit. 
  • For internal antenna - ADS-B is a line of sight technology so try to have your antenna as close to a window as possible. The fewer obstacles around the better your coverage will be.
  • New T feeds - If you have set up a new feed and it shows up online but is not sending any data, assuming your antenna is placed in a good spot, it might be a settings issue. See what your settings should look like if you are using a Pi24 image or Piaware image.
  • Sudden range drop - If you all of a sudden see a huge range drop, and none of the above helps, check if there has been a new installation of GSM mobile antennas nearby. If so then it probably is interference and you require a filter.


As always, you can contact us if you need help with figuring out the issue.