Method 1

To upgrade to the latest version of FR24FEED, follow the procedure given below.


1. SSH into your pi and login into it.

2. Run the following two commands, one at a time.

sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/fr24/ 
sudo /usr/lib/fr24/

If you don’t know how to SSH, check this article

Make sure you have auto updates enabled

Method 2

If you run into any problems using the above commands, then use this method. Run these commands one by one.

sudo systemctl stop fr24feed

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"

When the download finishes and it asks you to enter your email address, press CTRL+c and then start fr24feed again with this command

sudo systemctl start fr24feed

Method 3

Or install manually by running the following commands one by one

sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
sudo dpkg -i fr24feed_1.0.37-0_armhf.deb
sudo systemctl start fr24feed