We’ve made huge improvements to Filters lately. Now you can choose between ready-made filter categories or you can create your own custom filters. Our categories include Passenger, Cargo, Military and Government, Business jets, and many more pre-made filters. To access them from our website, you should click the Filters button at the bottom of the screen. Then you can select between Categories and Custom tabs.

To learn more about each filter category, you can hover over the “?” icon and a description will be displayed.

The filters can also be combined easily by enabling or disabling the needed options. Just check or uncheck the filters to do this. See our screenshot below.

To create a new filter, go to the Custom tab and select the type of filter you wish to add (Airline, Aircraft, Airport, Route, or Advanced)

To learn more about filters, feel free to also check this blog post.

If you notice any aircraft that doesn't belong in the assigned filter category or isn't included where it should be, please report it by emailing support@fr24.com.

Changes regarding wildcard search
Former wildcard filters from the old website (for example, all German aircraft by filtering the aircraft registrations with “D-”) will no longer work with new filters. To achieve the same result, you should add an asterisk after the search term (D-*, for example).