Basic users and users not logged into a paid account will be presented ads on our webpage and in the app. This enables us to also in the future provide part of our experience and features for free to all users. 

Behind the app is a team of more than 60 employees and these earnings help us cover all running costs.

The nature of ads is that they are provided in bulk from many sources and that can lead to individual cases where the ad is not working as it is supposed to. This can e.g. mean:

  • The ad provider does not show any option to close an ad

  • The ad is playing sound 

  • A video ad fills the whole screen and the app is blocked

  • New ads pop up every time you click on aircraft, they come up very often during a session

We have a thorough scanning process in place but, unfortunately, there is still some ads that somehow make it through. 

That means that if you encounter anything as described above, please contact support with a screenshot of the ad in question HERE. We will then make sure that the ad will be blocked and not show any longer as soon as possible. 

Thank you very much for your help and understanding. We can assure you that the above points listed are not intended and we do our best to exclude them.