Since October 2023, you can now access the new Flightradar24 3D view across all our platforms: web, Android, and iOS.  If you are a free user, you will be able to access 3 sessions and can unlock more by either watching an advert or upgrading to a paid subscription. 

Infinite Flight has supplied their collection of ultra-realistic 3D models and dozens of airline liveries for our new 3D view. Combined with visualizations of scenery and nearby traffic, the 3D view offers users the most realistic look at air traffic yet.

In order to access the 3D view, select an aircraft and then click or tap the 3D view button at the bottom of the aircraft information panel. You’ll see the view switch out of your current map view and the 3D view will load the aircraft and livery, if available. Please note that not all aircraft models and liveries are available at the moment, but we’re working to include additional models and liveries in the future. You can help us by reporting when a livery is missing. 

Is a livery missing? 

Please contact support and send us information about the aircraft's ICAO type and the livery missing. We will then try to see if it can be added.