The Live activities feature is available on iOS. The Live notifications feature is available on Android. 

To enable this feature on either type of device, you should select a flight and tap the Follow button. 

On iOS, make sure you have the necessary Live activities setting enabled in Settings > Misc > Live Activities. On Android this is the same process but for Live Notifications. 

The live activity/notification is displayed as follows on your start screen:

To remove Live activities from iOS and Live notifications from your device,  please go to your home page where you see the notification and swipe left to clear it. This works for both iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can also go back to the flight you're following and tap the Follow button again. This will remove the Live activity/Live notification from your screen. A third option is to tap the Live activity/Live notification after the flight has ended which will result in the notification being removed from your screen. 

To completely disable the Live activities and Live notifications functionality, you should go to Settings > Misc and disable it from there. See our screenshot below for more information. 

Note that the Live activities and Live notifications feature is free and available for all subscription levels (and the free Basic plan). You just need to have an account with us to be able to use it.