How to return a FR24 receiver to Flightradar24 at our cost


1. If you would like Flightradar24 to send you a prepaid return label, please raise a support ticket requesting a return label. 

The email needs to contain the following information:

    a. Name

    b. Address

    c. Mobile number

    d. Date and time for parcel pick up so the courier can come at that time.

    e. MAC address of the receiver (printed on the bottom of the receiver)


2. You can send it using local post and Flightradar24 will reimburse you for the cost. Check the article below for details:

Receiver return instructions (English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese)

FR24 flight tracking receiver installation instructions

Please find below the attached installation guide and more information about the FR24 receiver for download.

Contact options 

Do not hesitate to reach out to our data sharer support team for help either by email to or scan this code to send a direct message via WhatsApp: